“Empathy takes effort
When we extend our heart, our soul and our feelings to another, when we imagine what it must be like to be them, we expose ourselves to risk. The risk of feeling bruised, or of losing our ability to see the world from just one crisp and certain point of view
It’s easier to walk on by, to compartmentalize and to isolate ourselves.
Easier, but not worth it.”

– Author Unknown

Working with Physicians

Who it’s for:

Physicians in practice or in training.

How Susan can help:

Susan’s medical background has made her sensitive to the needs and issues that physicians face. This background, as well as her large client base of physicians, has led her to understand the unique personal and professional difficulties they experience

She serves as a resource for the Physician Health Program (P.H.P.) at The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and brings a unique perspective to the individual physician who is struggling relationally or professionally.

Link to Physician Couples Counselling Article

She has addressed specialty groups of physicians as well as audiences of family doctors on work life balance issues as well as relational issues.

Desired outcome:

Her deep appreciation for their unique position in society and how that affects the work they do, guides her ability to be attuned and thus able to act in congruence with them to affect change.

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