"...It is the greatest of all mistakes
to begin life with the expectation
that it is going to be easy,
or the wish to have it so."

- Lucy Larcom
American poet

Who Susan Helps

Susan works with individuals, couples, families and community groups in dealing with a variety of concerns, ranging from family-of-origin issues, depression and loss, marital breakdown, anxiety, trauma and addictions. She provides her clients with a safe, professional and supportive environment in which to address their needs.

The role of therapy

"In many aspects of life, we don't think twice about relying upon skilled professionals — from doctors and dentists to auto-mechanics and electricians — to help us meet our physical needs. Yet many people believe that entering therapy is a sign of personal weakness or inadequacy, and only consider it as a last resort. For those who can move beyond the stigma of seeking emotional help, psychotherapy can assist us in bringing new meaning and perspective to our lives, through which positive change becomes possible."

Susan Stephenson, R.P. M.Ed. Toronto, Ontario
586 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 809, Toronto, Ontario M4P 1P2
Phone: 416-964-8271 Email: susan@susanstephenson.ca